Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Toddler Tuesdays: The First Years

"Having taken time off from my own career in order to care for my young children, I am definitely not one to minimize the difficulty of this choice. There are serious consequences, financial and psychological, that follow from making the quality of your child's early years a priority. But, for me, the decision to bring a child into the world makes that child's welfare the primary responsibility of the parents-- far more important than their devotion to their careers, and vastly more important than the type of vacations they take, or the luxury of the cars they drive. While it may be frustrating and humbling perhaps, a career certainly can be resumed after a hiatus, or an entirely new career can be started. In contrast, the first years of your child's life are uniquely important and completely unrecoverable, both for your child and for you."
-Timothy D. Kailing, Native Reading

(Native Reading is a wonderful book and I'll write a review later but since I just stayed up past my bedtime to finish reading it, I thought I'd better leave the reviewing for another day.)

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