Sunday, 20 April 2014

Song for the End (Resurrection Sunday)

From the bed of murder and treason
I wake to the smell of jasmine.
Standing in the doorway staggered,
I wonder like a child at this new world.
What blinding gold light in the orchard!
Saturn swung close and heavy on the horizon,
daring and sweet, the milk of galaxies,
the pulp of Jupiter tumble at my feet,
the honey of mercy: for the debt of my
crimes is swallowed in his riches!
He has taken my Master away and I
am left speechless, a freedwoman.
He has taken the sting from the
spider Death, this King of the Jews, this
Lamb of God. It is finished,
and I'll forevermore read this page:
The End. The End. The End--

Lady Macbeth in a clean white shirt
laughing and crying where the almond trees bloom.


  1. whoa this is like a terrence mallick film. so much light and energy. but i don't understand why almond trees. not necessary to understand i suppose. just being silly.

  2. Almond trees=I already use peach trees and apple trees too much in my poems.

    No, but actually: the root of Jesse, the Garden of Eden, and the vine of the church. It's about the fruit of the Resurrection.