Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Preschool Year One

Today we officially started preschool-homeschooling at the Parsonage! It. It's very low-commitment, just one short activity every day, cycling through 10 different subjects on a two-week schedule. The subjects are:

English: covers letters, phonics, reading, storytelling, vocabulary.
History/Geography: covers world & Canadian geography, map comprehension, reading of age-appropriate historical fiction, exploration of current and historical cultures, and study of our own heritage.
Computers/Technology: covers basic computer literacy like mouse/keypad/keyboard use, iPhone apps, and preliminary coding.
Music: covers musical instruments, dance, rhythm, music notation, and music appreciation.
Bible: covers catechism, Scripture memory, Bible reading, prayer, and singing.
Foreign Languages: I want the boys to learn sign language and French, so this will cover some basic activities we are doing to lay foundations in those two languages.
Phys. Ed: covers large and fine motor activities and sports. Mostly just playing!
Mathematics: covers numeracy & counting, geometry, patterning, telling time & dates, and weights & measures.
Science: covers observation and experimentation in kitchen chemistry, local wildlife, horticulture, simple machines, basic anatomy and astronomy, and things like light-bending, states of matter, and senses.
Art: covers basic colour theory, art appreciation, different forms such as sculpting, painting, collage, printmaking, textile art, and photography.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Scout Kid learn and grow this year, and to blogging all the different activities.

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